Mountains bordering the Czech Republic are not as high as mountains in the Alps and local slopes are not tens of kilometres long, yet they have a lot to offer visitors. In the past years, mountain resort operators have invested millions of crowns into the modernization of their technical equipment and an extensive investment for improving services is expected this year.

Bohemian-Moravian Highlands

Nové Město na Moravě is famous as a tourist and ski centre of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The ski resort is located at the outskirts of Nové Město na Moravě; you can find there cross-country trails for professional skiers and tourists, three ski lifts on slopes with artificial snow, a parking lot for 600 cars and ski rentals with locker rooms.

On the Harus Hill, there is a ski school from Friday to Sunday where they teach downhill and cross-country skiing. Nové Město is famous for races Zlatá lyže/Golden Ski and the World Cup. The seat of the Czech manufacturer of SPORTEN skis is located in Nové Město na Moravě as well.

The Krkonoše Mountains

Špindlerův Mlýn is the most frequently visited ski resort in the Czech Republic. Therefore it is not a surprise that it is a popular place to organize important sport events. Skiers can buy a three-hour ski pass right on the spot or on the Internet (with a discount). A modern terminal for ski lifts at Hromovka and Sv. Petr is user-friendly and provides information about snow conditions.The Horní Malá Úpa area offers a fully automated snow system. The modern mountain restaurant SKiMU House, situated on the slope, is popular as well. The Černá Hora ski area offers six automatic devices where you can return your chip card.

The Šumava Mountains

The biggest and most popular slopes are in the Šumava – Špičák. This area has expanded by one fourth, and it turns into a bike park in summer. Some of the slopes are wider, which allows the organizers to hold international races and competitions at Špičák. The Lipno ski area has undergone significant changes and renovations. Currently, it focuses on families with children, beginners and school ski courses. Children up to 18 years of age can get discounted ski passes.

The Jizera Mountains

Ještěd is a jewel of the Jizera Mountains and offers a view of Liberec and its surroundings. The Ještěd ski area is one of the most easily accessible ski areas. You can arrive there by public transport in Liberec or on the highway Praha – Liberec. The biggest ski area of the Jizera Mountains is Tanvaldský Špičák, which offers six kilometres of ski slopes of various degrees of difficulty with the option of artificial snow in the whole area. Tanvaldský Špičák II. is an ideal place for trainings of young skiers. A separated fenced part of the slope with a magic carpet, lift and other attractions is there for children.

The Beskides

You can enjoy high-quality skiing in the Moravian Wallachia. One of the most popular ski centres is Řeka close to Třinec. The Skialpin Pustevny resort runs ski buses, which take the skiers to the slope. Ski passes for seniors over 65 years of age (with the price of a ticket for children) are available, too. You can close your day on the slope in the Wellness Hotel Horal, which has a seawater thermal pool (36°C).

The Krušné Mountains

A brand new, covered, four-seat cableway substituted the original Pařezová lift at Klínovec. The departure station was moved towards the foot of the slope, which made it longer, therefore it became the longest one at Klínovec. A slope for beginners and families with children is available in the area; experienced snowboard riders have the opportunity to jump on a U-ramp.

The Bublava-Stříbrná ski centre is situated in the most beautiful place of the Ore Mountains, which borders with Germany. A compact and modern ski resort is small, yet it offers services for skiers and snowboard riders. You can enjoy skiing without stress and queues on wide and safe slopes with all degrees of difficulty. The attractive ski swing Stříbrná – Bleiberg – Bublava enriches skiing with a new dimension and makes the area one of the leading ski resorts in the Czech Republic.

The Orlické Mountains

A marvellous ski area of Čenkovice belongs to the Buková hora ski region, which is the biggest ski resort in the Pardubice region and has a golden mark of quality. The ski slopes are easy or slightly difficult and are 4000 m long. Eight ski lifts with the capacity of 4 400 people per hour ensure skiing without long queues. You can also visit a snow park for snowboard riders and night skiing.

The Říčky ski area on the south-east slope of the Zakletý kopec is considered to be the best ski centre in the Orlické mountains and one of the best ski resorts in the Czech Republic due to its altitude, modern lifts and a great offer of slopes of various lengths.

The Červená Voda area offers the longest slope in the Orlické mountains and a heated four-seat cableway with a shield. A radar, which measures your speed on the slope, is a nice bonus.

The Jeseníky Mountains

The modern resort Kouty nad Desnou is the biggest ski area in Moravia. It can boast with the first six-seat cableway in the Czech Republic. Two out of four ski slopes are more than 2 kilometres long and more than 50 metres wide. The first-class background includes a sun terrace with an Alpine-like snack bar close to the upper cableway station and several restaurants at the departure station.