Palladium, located in the centre of historic Prague at the Republic Square (Náměstí republiky), is a multifunctional complex and modern shopping centre with the widest range of shops, restaurants and services. There are 5 floors with almost 180 shops, 20 restaurants, cafés and bars. The complex offers 900 underground parking spaces.

Myslbek Shopping Gallery Prague

The Myslbek shopping gallery offers over 30 different shops, restaurants and services. You can choose from numerous cosmetic brands, fashion accessories, jewellery, clothes and sporting goods. The Myslbek Shopping Gallery is a passage between the New and Old Town and connects the busy street Na Příkopě with Ovocný trh. On the facade of the building in the street Na Příkopě you will find a remarkable metal gate made of stainless steel which weighs eight tons. Its two gigantic sliding wings symbolize the connection between the Old and New Prague. They open every day and close after the opening hours of the shopping gallery. The second gate, leading to Ovocný trh, with bronze heads facing in different directions, symbolizes crowds of shopping people.

Kotva Shopping Centre

Discover the worldwide top luxury brands, which you will not find elsewhere in Prague. Enjoy wellness or plan a dinner on the terrace overlooking the city. You can find all this in the Kotva Shopping Centre, designed by Czech architects, which was built between 1970 and 1975. Its floor plan consists of numerous interconnected hexagons. It has five above-ground floors, interconnected with ten escalators, and roughly the same number of underground floors with garages and a supermarket.

Pařížská Street

The street originated in the redevelopment of the Jewish Quarter in the late 19th century and was named after Paris, recalling the Parisian boulevards. According to the original plans, the street was supposed to copy the Parisian Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Nowadays, it is a very luxurious street with many trendy shops and restaurants. The rental prices of apartments and shops are among the highest in Prague and the Czech Republic. Regularly, this street, along with the street Na Příkopě, are among the top dozen most expensive shopping streets in the world.

Myšák Gallery

The Myšák Gallery offers luxury shops, offices and exclusive residential units. It connects a busy city street with a quiet Franciscan monastery garden, which offers relaxation in nature and yet in the city center. These unique spaces have been created on the site of the legendary patisserie U Myšáka. Also nowadays, you can come and relax in the newly renovated patisserie.

Slovanský dům Shopping Gallery

The Slovanský dům shopping gallery is located in the heart of Prague, right on the main boulevard Na Příkopě, and it belongs to important historic monuments of Prague. It offers numerous shopping opportunities of the world's most prestigious brands. Apart from luxurious shops and excellent restaurants, you can enjoy wellness services for relaxing your body and mind. The greatest pride of the shopping mall is its vast French-style garden, an oasis in the heart of Prague.

Černá růže Passage

It is a significant architectural monument and also a national cultural monument. It was built in the period between the two World Wars and is among the most beautiful passages in Prague. Its reconstruction in the 90s of the last century is considered very successful, since it renewed its purely functionalist appearance.

Fashion Arena Prague Outlet

The Fashion Arena Prague Outlet is the largest outlet centre in the Czech Republic where you can buy original products from well-known and proven brands always with 30–70% discounts. In one place you can find fashion items, sports equipment, footwear, leather goods, luggage and accessories, lingerie, jewellery, cosmetics, toys, books and household utensils. You can choose from more than 200 worldwide fashion brands. The range is really varied also because of the fact that the outlet stores are operated by manufacturers or exclusive importers of the brands.

Bílá labuť Shopping Centre

The shopping centre is located in the street Na Poříčí, one of the busiest streets in Prague 1 - New Town. It was opened in March 19, 1939 and since then it has been in continuous operation. It is a traditional Czech shopping centre with more than 50 business units.

MY Shopping Centre

This shopping centre has been created to offer customers the possibility to buy high-quality goods of all kinds under one roof. The centre offers a wide range of products of various styles and price categories, modern and comfortable environment on several levels and, last but not least, ideal location in the city centre. Under one roof you find more than 400 worldwide brands. There is something for everyone.